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Our great selection of Potion Alchemy products.

"Experience the Benefits of Potion Alchemy's Artisanal Tonics"

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About us

At Potion Alchemy, we take immense pride in offering meticulously crafted products that embody care and tradition. Originally developed by our aunts, this tonic has become an indispensable part of our family's daily routine. During my wife's postpartum confinement, our thoughtful aunts generously gifted us their last two bottles of tonic before their retirement.

Upon trying it, my wife was astounded by the incredible benefits she experienced. Not only did she feel an invigorating surge of energy and revitalization after consuming it, but she also witnessed remarkable improvements in her hair health and a reduction in postpartum hair loss. We were determined not to let such an exceptional product go unnoticed, so we took it upon ourselves to create this exceptional tonic.

What are the components that comprise our YSJ Fusion Condiment?
Take a break and enjoy a refreshing sip of our YSJ Artisanal Tonic.


Introducing our natural artisanal tonic, handcrafted from carefully selected ingredients, including white glutinous rice and a blend of seven herbs. This tonic undergoes alcoholic fermentation, resulting in a unique and wholesome beverage. It is free from artificial colors, preservatives, and food additives, ensuring a natural and healthy choice for nourishing your body. In addition, we offer fusion condiments to enhance your culinary experience with loved ones, adding a special touch to your meals.

Recipes & Tips

Rejuvenating with YSJ Artisanal Tonic & Fusion Condiment

Our favourite YSJ Artisanal Chicken soup.



Very secure packaging! After drinking this tonic, I feel refreshed and alert. Recommended!


Received in good condition and packaging is prefect for gift too. After trying this YSJ Herbal Tonic, it's not as bitter as I think. It's taste sweet and a little sour. It makes me feel energetic after drinking. Will purchase again. Thanks seller.


Fast delivery & excellent packaging, Sour burst and sweetness after. Tried for abt a week, drinking in the morning. Didn't feel sleepy in the afternoon.

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