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Shhh... Keep it a secret. It's a story about us.

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Our Story

       At Potion Alchemy, we take immense pride in offering meticulously crafted products that embody care and tradition.

        Originally developed by our aunts, this tonic has become an indispensable part of our family's daily routine. During my wife's postpartum confinement, our thoughtful aunts generously gifted us their last two bottles of tonic before their retirement.

         Upon trying it, my wife was astounded by the incredible benefits she experienced. Not only did she feel an invigorating surge of energy and revitalization after consuming it, but she also witnessed remarkable improvements in her hair health and a reduction in postpartum hair loss. We were determined not to let such an exceptional product go unnoticed, so we took it upon ourselves to create this exceptional tonic.


         Drawing inspiration from our aunts' recipe and adding our own creative touches, we meticulously crafted this artisanal tonic. It not only aids in postpartum recovery but also offers numerous benefits to those dealing with persistent fatigue, hair loss, bloating, signs of aging, and more.


          Distinct from other tonics, YSJ Artisanal Tonic boasts a delightful taste, effortlessly making it enjoyable to incorporate into your daily routine. Our sincere hope is that you derive as much pleasure from this tonic as we do, and that it imparts upon you the same sense of tradition and incredible benefits that it has brought to our cherished family.

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Product of Singapore

Handmade with love

Health Benefits

Not typical tonic


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